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Leena Dillingham"I've been training with Leena for 9 years. Leena's wisdom has transformed my life. Her guidance has taught me the power of self kindness and nurturing. By choosing a kinder gentler path, everything I 've desired has shown up. My life keeps getting better and better" Guy Monroe, The Charisma Coach

About Leena

Leena Dillingham would like to open the door to creating the phenomenal life that you truly desire. Working with Leena will reveal a path to greater awareness and joy, utilizing the tools of Access Energy Transformation. Explore a journey towards a greater level of gratitude for yourself and all of life, Leena offers a set of creative edge techniques that you can easily use right now.

Leena is great lover of pleasure and delight, and devotes herself to creating a life of conscious hedonism. She elegantly inspires others to embrace their natural impulse to enjoy who they are and to the possibility of generating a unique, magical, abundant life. Leena is a public speaker, author, playwright, songwriter, chef, mother and superb facilitator of self empowerment and caring.






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